Group Coaching is a cost and time effective way of learning a specific topic as you can share your seat and the costs with others.. Group coaching session are available in two versions, as a live zoom webinar or as a pre-recorded zoom webinar. The difference is that in a live coaching session, participants can ask questions via a chat function and get specific answers. A webinar version is a recorded session that explains the content in the same professional way but without the option to ask questions. This difference is reflected in the price of a specific group sessions, where a webinar version has a discounted price tag.

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Career Planning is your key for success

Planning your career has the most important impact on your career development, and it is proven that a career plan creates success!

The answer is easy but significant. Planning works, and it has been proven that planning helps to achieve results. A plan can help us achieve goals, and a plan forces us to define a goal or a future state we want to achieve. We plan many things in our lives, like the next vacation, sometimes years in advance, the next doctor’s visit, family events, birthdays, etc. We plan because these events or people are important to us, and we want to achieve something that needs preparation and planning or something so important that we want to ensure we remember and are prepared.


Creating a career network is like unlocking a treasure chest of opportunities and resources tailored just for you. It’s not just about finding your next job; it’s about building a community that supports your growth, offers guidance, and opens doors to opportunities you might not find on your own. Through networking, you gain access to industry insights, mentorship, and potential collaborations that can catapult your career forward. Whether you’re seeking advice, looking for a mentor, or exploring new career paths, your network serves as a powerful tool to navigate the professional landscape more effectively, making every connection a stepping stone towards achieving your career goals.

Career Planning is your key for success

A personalized SWOT analysis can help you understand your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A SWOT creates self-awareness by identifying strengths and weaknesses that are important for personal and professional development. This analysis helps you set goals by matching strengths to opportunities and addressing weaknesses to mitigate threats. In your career development, knowing your SWOT helps you in decision-making by preparing for potential challenges and how opportunities align with individual strengths and goals. It also helps with personal branding by highlighting unique skills and qualities. A personal SWOT analysis is a tool for making informed decisions, pursuing effective goals, and increasing self-awareness in personal and professional endeavors. I introduce the SWOT process to you so that you can create your personal SWOT; together, we will discuss the results you should use in the next steps in your career planning journey.

Career Planning is your key for success

Building a personal brand is a powerful tool that can help you carve out a unique niche for yourself in a crowded marketplace. By demonstrating your own personality, values ​​and skills, you gain confidence and trust, and open the door to exciting growth, career and networking opportunities. By authentically sharing your stories and skills, you attract a loyal following, increase your visibility, and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry This sets the stage for long-term success and satisfaction, both personally and professionally. So, take the first step towards creating your own brand today and unleash your potential!


Creating a personal career vision board is highly beneficial as it provides clarity of goals and visually represents your professional aspirations. It motivates and inspires you to achieve the vision you have defined by keeping you focused on objectives and reaching your goals. Moreover, it ensures alignment with your personal values and passions, fostering fulfillment in your career pursuits. By using manifestation and visualization techniques, the vision board helps to actualize and reinforce your goals in your subconscious mind. A career vision board empowers you to take ownership of your defined future and actively pursue your career vision creatively and strategically. You will get a small ebook during this session with additional information on how to create your career vision board





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