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Achieving success in your career can seem like a challenging puzzle to solve, especially when the most deserving candidate doesn’t always get promoted. Nevertheless, top-level employers seek out specific abilities and competencies in their ideal candidates, which isn’t solely determined by one’s education. To reach the pinnacle of your professional journey, it’s crucial to have the precise combination of tools that align with your unique circumstances. For example, when driving a nail into a surface, a hammer is the most efficient tool to use, whereas using pliers wouldn’t be as effective. Similarly, when trying to remove the nail, using a hammer isn’t the best option. 


So it is time to use tools and a strategy that gives you an advantage over others – so that the next promotion is yours! All it takes is a simple email or phone call. Fill out the form above to get started on investing in yourself.



Our goal is to help you reach your personal development objectives with the help of an experienced coach. Lots of people feel unsure about how to advance their careers, which causes them to miss out on opportunities. Instead of letting that happen, reach out for guidance and support. I’m happy to provide you with a tailored career positioning coaching session to answer any questions you have about your career.



Online learning enables you to access course materials and engage in a learning experience anywhere and anytime that suits you. Compared to traditional in-person classes, online learning is often more cost-effective. Find your course in our course catalog or get access to all courses with a UN-Pro membership. Time to invest in yourself!

Invest in yourself


Investing in yourself is much more than our brand tag line! It is your key to success, because you are your most valuable resource. It makes sense to invest in something that you know best – yourself. Our company is passionate about the idea of “Invest in Yourself”, so much so that we have even trademarked the brand. Our vision has aided numerous clients in their personal development and resulted in multiple returns on their investments.



Allow me to explain why some careers may become stagnant or fail to progress at all. It’s important to understand these challenges in order to overcome them. Let’s face it, most of us experience these obstacles at some point!

Don’t let your career be a result of impulsiveness or spontaneity. Instead, take responsibility for it and plan your next steps carefully.

Career planning is crucial for a well-structured and successful career. That’s why our team has created the cutting-edge Career Planning Space. This software-supported platform provides all the necessary tools to plan your career with confidence. Our easy-to-use templates, personalized to your individual needs, make career planning simpler than ever. With our assistance, you can be sure that your career development will be measured, successful, and satisfying.

Read what our customers say

Kishayne Gunalan
Kishendran Gunalan CIO at Mercedes-Benz Financial (Malaysia & Singapore)

I highly recommend Coach Udo's coaching services for his exceptional leadership capabilities, dedication, and expertise. He carries over 25 years worth leadership experience which is an ocean of knowledge for those who seek to climb up the corporate ladder. Imagine getting a coach who has actually lead at the highest levels within the technology sector of the automobile industry. Throughout my journey with him, Coach Udo created a supportive and non-judgmental environment that allowed me to explore my goals and aspirations. His keen listening skills and insightful questions enabled me to gain valuable self-awareness and unlock my true potential. With his vision and coaching, it gradually helped fast track my leadership journey. Coach Udo consistently went above and beyond, tailoring our sessions to my specific needs and providing practical tools and strategies for overcoming challenges. His extensive industry experience, integration of the latest research, and expertise in areas such as emotional intelligence, networking, resilience, adaptability and conflict resolution greatly enriched our discussions. With his exceptional communication skills and genuine empathy, Coach Udo created a safe space for vulnerability and growth, challenging my assumptions and expanding my perspectives. I am immensely grateful for the positive impact he has had on my life, and I am confident he will continue to transform the lives of others as well.

Zoey Tan
Zoey Tan Manager Strategy, Communications, PMO & Business Process

I am thrilled to provide a recommendation testimonial based on my exceptional experience with Udo’s coaching. From the moment I started the coaching sessions with Udo , I felt a genuine connection and trust. His expertise, empathy, and guidance created a safe space for me to explore my goals, challenges, and aspirations. With his support, I gained clearer understanding of my strengths, areas for improvement, and the steps necessary to reach my objectives. Throughout the coaching journey, I witnessed remarkable progress and breakthroughs. Udo skillfully challenged me to examine my perspectives and beliefs. His ability to actively listen and provide insightful feedback allowed me to gain valuable self-awareness and develop practical strategies to overcome my challenges. The results I achieved through Udo’s coaching have been truly transformative, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking personal or professional growth.

Afia Philipps Vice President of Information Security at Little Caesars Pizza

Udo is an amazing leader and mentor. I’ve learned from him the most important principles about leadership. He has a people-first leadership style that’s genuine, empowers his team and makes you believe that the impossible is possible. He’s the best leader I’ve had and his effectiveness as a leader has proven to be successful many times over. I’m forever grateful for the many lessons I’ve learned from him and the opportunities he’s provided me. Any group or organization would be blessed to have him as their leader.

Josh Jaffe
Josh Jaffe Chief Information Security Officer Scout Motors

Udo is a visionary IT leader with the rare ability to translate that vision to every level of the organization - inspiring them to join the journey with him. He has a keen understanding of how technology and data are integral to a business and is intensely focused on delivering business value. He is a fierce advocate for the transformative power of technology. I had the pleasure of following Udo through a business and technology transformation. He is a strong, visionary leader that delivers results. He’s the kind of visionary leader that other leaders listen to and that the organization wants to follow.

Ralph Ostertag
Ralph Ostertag Director Digital & Technology Asia Pacific at HEINEKEN

Udo is an absolutely outstanding leader who has been my colleague, manager, supporter, coach and mentor for many years starting when I was just at the beginning of my own leadership career. He has played a significant role in my career both regarding my personal development as a leader since 2011 and also as fantastic coach and sparring partner when I had to take big career decisions. Udo has the ability to listen and deeply understand the dreams and ambitions of others and to coach you to make those happen which is like magic.

Umang Dharmik
Umang Dharmik IT Director, Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India

Udo - a leader, mentor and a friend. He is one of the few transformative leaders I have worked with who is able to take a complex idea and explain it in simple to understand and meaningful steps while at the same time motivating and inspiring people along the way. He is a true visionary who is not afraid to to take the bold steps needed in making any radical change happen. He does this with confidence and a sincere willingness to be successful while at the same time ensuring everyone in his team is fully driven and motivated to achieve the end goal. His genuine leadership has personally inspired me many times and has been a constant source of positive energy. He has always been there, ever available as a leader, as a mentor but most importantly as a friend.

murad Baig
Murad Baig Head of Asset & Auto Finance Vertical EMEA, Capital Markets

Udo Neumann 🌟 isn't just a coach; he's a beacon in the tumultuous VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) landscape of modern organizations. Udo has illuminated my path, revealing how my unique skills and narratives can be wielded to craft ground breaking strategies, propelling zero-to-one digital transformations through technology. Leading Mercedes Benz Mobility's global digital shift as their Global CIO, his leadership legacy is unparalleled. More than his accomplishments, it's his unwavering commitment to extracting my utmost potential that leaves me profoundly grateful. To Udo Neumann 🌟, a mentor like no other, thank you for redefining my horizon!



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