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  • 27 Lessons

    How To Create a Successful Career Plan

    This online course will teach you step-by-step how you create your personal career plan. Wait, is career development not much more than doing an online course? Absolutely, you are correct, and hat is why I pushed our limits and developed a career planning method, including a set of planning and development templates. All of that is available in our CPS Career Planning Space, and the great news is with this course, you will get lifetime access to the Career Planning Space, which is usually only for our Pro members available. Back to the course, you learn not only how to use the career planning space to create your career plan, but this course also guides you step by step through each planning lesson and shows you how you plan your career in our planning space,  a modern AI-driven way of creating a career plan. In the first lesson, you learn how to use the career planning space and all its tools, and in the following lessons, you plan your individual career step by step.  When you finish the course,  you have created your career plan. Congrats, time to celebrate as the first step is done. You learned how to add new phases and milestones or update tasks based on your achievements. The visual presentation shows you all areas of your career plan, and in your dashboard, you see where you are and what tasks are due next. There is no better way to plan, monitor and execute a career plan. Let's create your plan!

    But there is more. You will get a Certification of Achievement to create your personal career plan. Time to invest in yourself– which I love most!

    That's a promise.



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