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Master your Career with AI

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    Welcome to "Master Your Career with AI"
    4 Topics
  2. Launch Your Path to Success
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  3. What is AI and Why it Will Change Everything
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    These 4 Gen AI Tools You Need To Master
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  5. AI WRITING Tools Which Are Magic
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  6. AI VOICE Tools Which Listen To You
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  7. Test These Mind Blowing AI ART Tools
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  8. These AI VIDEO Tools Are Game Changer
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  9. AI PRODUCTIVITY Tools To Power Your Performance.
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    AI Solutions Shaping Industries
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  11. How AI Is Transforming Jobs
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  12. NEW AI Jobs and Opportunities
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    Free AI Certifications and Courses
  14. Free Certifications by Microsoft
    AI Job Openings USNEWS
  16. AI Job Opening Indeed
  17. AI Job Opening Glassdoor
  18. AI Job Opening CareeerBuilder
  19. AI Job Opening LinkedIn
  20. AI Job Opening ZipRecruiter
    AI To Power Your Job Search
    3 Topics
  22. Let AI Help With The Next Promotion
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  23. Building a Personal Brand with AI Strategies
    4 Topics
  24. PowerUp your LinkedIn Presentation with AI
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  25. AI-Powered Networking
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  26. Creating a Career Plan with AI-driven Insights
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    AI To Create A Perfect Application
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  28. Enhancing Interview Performance with AI Insights
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  29. Key AI Publications, Newsletter and Resources
  30. Ethical Questions and Considerations using AI
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  31. Course Recap
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  32. Additional Resources
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  33. ro be defined
    Future Outlook AI Impacts on Jobs
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  34. Make AI your Career Superpower
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Welcome to “Master Your Career with AI”

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Welcome, AI interested Career Pros!

I’m so glad you decided to join me on this journey of using AI to Master your Career. In the last few months, during several coaching sessions, I was asked many questions about Generative AI and the focus was always the same, here are some examples:

  • Is AI influencing my job development?
  • Can AI help me find a job or assist in searching?
  • I don’t know much about AI. What is the best way to educate myself?
  • Will AI have an impact on my job in software development?
  • What are the latest job skills in AI, and how can I acquire them?
  • How important is AI for my development?
  • Can AI help me with building my network?

These and other questions motivated me to create this course. When I started designing the content, I asked myself: Who should this course be for, the AI novice or the pros? I decided to focus on a novice level but also go into some topics much deeper to a pro level. The flexibility of the lessons and topics system allows you to dive deeper into topics you are interested in and skip the ones you already know.
This is a living course, which means it will be updated regularly, and you will always have access to the latest version. Generative AI is set to revolutionize the way we work and reshape the business landscape. It has the potential to create new job opportunities while also impacting or even replacing existing roles. Its speed of development surpasses any previous technological advancements.

As an executive coach, my main objective is to support my clients by providing valuable insights, guiding them through process improvements, facilitating knowledge transfer, and offering sound advice. My ultimate goal is to empower them to succeed in their careers and ventures. This is my passion– helping people like you win the career game. Believe me, I know the rules inside out as I developed hundreds of people and used these rules for my development up to the top.

As a global CIO, I have worked in the technology business in Financial Services and Automotive in different regions of the world. I started my career as a technical engineer and wrote a master’s thesis on AI in the early days when neural networks were used to analyze images and learn from the content. and feedback was provided.

In this course, we’ll explore how AI can assist you in strategically advancing your development and career. I conducted extensive research, dedicating months to reading articles, testing numerous AI tools, and thoroughly analyzing various services to get the best career course going deep into AI.  If you have not started to use AI, now is the time to start, and if you are advanced, congratulations! Now is the time to use it for you and your results. As often mentioned, AI will change jobs or replace some jobs completely. Now you can see the glass is half empty and put your energy into protecting it so that it does not empty more, or you can do what I think is much better, as yes, AI will change jobs and more.

Join me in seeing a glass half full and a great opportunity to fill it up. AI gives us an incredible opportunity to gain insights about ourselves and the job landscape that wasn’t possible before. AI can analyze your skills, interests, and values to determine suitable career paths. It can provide personalized guidance on positioning yourself for new roles and opportunities. And it can even help you craft your resume and practice interviews!
Some highlights we will cover are:

  • AI influences industries, especially jobs that are at risk and new opportunities.
  • Improving your efficiency and performance with AI automation
  • AI-powered self-assessments to uncover your talents and purpose
  • Targeted skill-building programs to develop your capabilities
  • Intelligent job market analysis to reveal optimal opportunities
  • Resume and profile optimization with AI writing assistants
  • Interview preparation, harnessing assessments, and simulation
  • Please check the course table of contents, as I will update this course based on new AI capabilities.

This course aims to empower you in your personal development by leveraging AI technology. It is designed to help you understand AI and the potential it offers. This course will teach you the basics and the specifics of AI, helping you to become better organized and have access to the data and information needed. You will find a list of the best tools tested and analyzed, and I will explain how to use them. This will help you improve your current profession or explore new opportunities by starting a new job, business, or venture.

The future of work is here. Let’s embrace it together by first understanding what it is, what it offers us, and how to use it to improve or gain advantages in playing the career game. 

Now, let’s get started. Let’s dive into this AI-powered career adventure together. Make sure it’s much more than just reading, listening to me, and learning new things. I want it to be transformative and help you create opportunities to build a future where you don’t just find a job or level up but truly your path.

Thank you for joining me and purchasing this course. Don’t forget, I am here by your side to help. 

I used several AI tools to optimize and create content for this course. I hope you did not expect something else as I teach you exactly how to do so.




In exchange for your email, I have a  special offer for you. Start your coaching session with a 50% discount. Address the questions you always want to ask and use this session to kickstart your career NOW!

See you!