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Leadership in a Crisis

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  1. Stay Calm and Analyse Facts
    7 Topics
  2. Take actions
    7 Topics
  3. Focus on communication
    7 Topics
  4. If the shit hits the fan!
    6 Topics
  5. Monitoring the situation
    7 Topics
  6. Develop a plan of action
    2 Topics
  7. Be accountable
    5 Topics
  8. Identify and manage risks
    5 Topics
  9. Providing support
    7 Topics
  10. Lessons learned
    3 Topics
  11. Prepare for future crisis
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It’s important to think clearly in a crisis. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, and emotions are running high, take a step back, take a deep breath, and focus on the facts of the situation. Taking time to reflect can help you make more rational decisions and find solutions that work for everyone involved. It may even help prevent further crises down the road. So, the next time you feel yourself slipping into panic mode, think things through before taking action. Calm down allows leaders to think clearly and make rational decisions. Decisions must be made quickly and accurately in a crisis, which is challenging when you are panicked or stressed.

Do not let yourself rush into a decision. Take your time, and often a second option of a trustworthy person with you helps to refocus. Often people do not think clearly and decide too fast to show actions. This can be very critical as there is insufficient time in a crisis mode.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself.
Before you make a decision, ask yourself what are the positives are and what the side-effect of your decision? Are you aware and willing to take them – does the crisis support these decisions and their side effects?



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