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Leadership in a Crisis

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  1. Stay Calm and Analyse Facts
    7 Topics
  2. Take actions
    7 Topics
  3. Focus on communication
    7 Topics
  4. If the shit hits the fan!
    6 Topics
  5. Monitoring the situation
    7 Topics
  6. Develop a plan of action
    2 Topics
  7. Be accountable
    5 Topics
  8. Identify and manage risks
    5 Topics
  9. Providing support
    7 Topics
  10. Lessons learned
    3 Topics
  11. Prepare for future crisis
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Stay Calm and Analyse Facts

It is very important to stay calm in a crisis situation. Panic and confusion can lead to mistakes that could be avoided if you take the time to remain composed. When faced with a difficult situation, try to step back, take a deep breath and focus on the facts. Ask yourself what needs to be done and then decide what is best for everyone involved. Staying calm can help you analyze the problem more clearly, assess the risks and make better decisions overall.

In this lesson you will learn different technics and areas you need to focus on and it will help you to stay calm and in control.



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