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How To Create a Successful Career Plan

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The Truth – What Makes a Career

You are responsible for your career, so stop looking back and start changing your future – time flies!

Udo Neumann


To see you here means you decided to learn more about my 10 career secrets and improve your career options. You took an essential first step to a better future, and it shows me you are Investing in yourself, which is the best investment you can make as you are your best resource. You really are!


As a global executive, I’ve developed hundreds of people for global corporations over the last 25 years, and it became my passion to help people develop in their careers.

Because of my passion, I founded UN1010, a coaching and consulting brand to help you and others to excel in their career. After doing so, I realized I had started a new career myself, so I could test everything I teach and optimize it for today’s challenging times and situations, and I did.

It is not important who I am or what I have accomplished. What matters to me is
how I can help you with your career development goals.

Let’s cut it short here. You will find me on Google or LinkedIn and can read what others say about me.

Let’s get back to the topic and the truth about What Makes a career?

For some people, it is education or skills, but for me, it is much more.


I will briefly share the top 10 list of career secrets in a second, but I must challenge you about the most important first step. It is the foundation for a successful career. You won’t reach your potential without this foundation. If you cannot build that foundation for yourself, don’t continue, it’s a waste of resources!

You are right – I may sound harsh, but acknowledging and understanding the crucial first step is necessary for those with potential. Believe me, I saw too many great people with potential not making a career because of a missing foundation.

You are accountable for your career and nobody else, so stop looking back and start looking forward as you can change your future – time flies!

(Split screen with the message on the screen)

Let me repeat it.

You are accountable for your career and nobody else!

Not your boss, not top management, not your parents, not your partner, not any friend – only YOU!

No excuses and no finger-pointing. Accept the truth and use it to your advantage.

It is simple but a very significant first step to being successful.

Look for the next mirror, look into it, and tell yourself it is me, and I take responsibility!

Here comes the good news:

If you are accountable, you can take control, influence, and change your status quo, and I will help and teach you how to do so.

There’s so much more to a career than being qualified, skilled, and waiting for a promotion. Developing your career is a journey that takes a lot of willingness, planning, execution, and stamina.

The good news is that you’re not alone, and career development isn’t a secret. Different solutions can guide you and show you how to develop yourself so that you can move forward on your career path. It is an investment in time, effort, and money and will not happen in a week or two. Planning and developing a career is more a marathon than a sprint.

I hope I did not shock you now, but my role is to prepare and help you and not to sugar code you.

Are you still with me?

That’s great.

There’s no denying that education and skills are important; they are! Many young adults and their parents look forward to a college degree, and it is so essential that they take a loan or credit and pay them back for years.

This smart business model is called student loans.

But why is this so important?

Is it the skill we learn?

The title we own after we paid for it?

Or the experience we make?

It’s because everyone wants a well-paid job, in the best case, a job making enough money to live a dream.

Career development is an area with too many stories and too many lies.

People who say you need a college degree or a master’s making a career aren’t telling the truth. Education is a big deal, and it helps to get a job, but it’s not a guarantee for a career.
In the following lessons, I will share my top 10 career secrets, which does not mean that there are not more influencing factors but for me, these 10 are important, and understanding these secrets and using them to your advantage will increase your career chances a lot. But you need to incorporate them into your career plan.

So we build a foundation together, which is great and the basis to lift the secrets. Looking forward to see you in the next lesson.

Invest in yourself – Udo



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See you!